Coming Soon! New Motorsport Sensors Online Shop, Official Texense Sensors & AiM Dealers

Created to bridge the gap for all your sensor, data, cable, harness and connector needs. At Motorsport Sensors we know that sourcing all the products & components to bring your system to life can be a real headache…Well, that’s soon about to change! Our online shop brings together the Worlds best in sensor and data acquisition. is the brainchild of Stephen James. Company CEO of Texense Sensors and Renvale Motorsport Harness Systems. No stranger to the motorsport World, Steve comes from a Race Engineering background. Starting his career as a Data Analysis Engineer in Formula 1, F3, Super Touring & Indy Lights, before taking the reins at Texense Renvale.

“Motorsport and track day enthusiasts really need an easier solution to gain products and support while building their data systems. That’s why I’ve created A singular place providing absolutely everything needed for your system. From advice on sensors, loggers and CAN configurations to a Deutsch connector…all under one roof.

Working in professional motorsport can be demanding to say the least. It’s something you try and switch off from when it comes to family. However, that’s easier said than done. With a father who practically invented the motorsport wiring harness systems we see today and my eldest son Jenson, who’s now obsessed. Hence the time has come to rekindle my passion for amateur motorsport, much to the delight of my son.

Time for the cars, a Radical SR3 and a Citroen C1, for the endurance challenge. Opposite ends of the spectrum come to mind. If you want to sharpen up some old skills, or just feel the adrenaline of motorsport for the first time. This is the series for you, it’s also affordable.

During the car builds and setup, I soon realised bringing all the elements together for data systems was a real challenge. I’ve got the experience, knowledge and the suppliers to make it happen, but how a first timer or small team will…well that’s another story. The resources are just simply not available. I aim to solve this problem with, an online store combining the best products, innovation and knowledge.

Why do I need a data system, I just want to race? We all need data in one form or another, from simple lap times to more advanced systems. Racing’s about trying to win, or at least beat the guy in front. We supply what you need and more importantly how to use it effectively” Stephen James, Motorsport Sensors.